Is It Generative AI's Fault, or Do We Blame Human Beings?

CISO Sam Curry, CMO Red Curry on Gen AI and Copyrights, Plagiarism and Free Speech
Is It Generative AI's Fault, or Do We Blame Human Beings?
Red Curry, CMO, Tautuk - formerly vFortified; Sam Curry, vice president and CISO, Zscaler

AI is on the way to embedding itself in our daily lives. If you feel threatened by artificial intelligence, Sam Curry said, you're the one with a problem. Instead of fearing being left behind, jump in and start using generative AI. And Red Curry said, "Reinvent. Be cooler. Be better. Be smarter. Be faster."

The Curry brothers discussed The New York Times lawsuit filed in late December, which alleges that Microsoft and OpenAI used writing that belongs to the Times unlawfully, to "create artificial intelligence products that compete with" the Times and threaten its business revenue (see: OpenAI and Microsoft Face New York Times Copyright Lawsuit).

The two agreed that generative AI is a tool - a gift - to journalists and to all who have the opportunity to use it to guide them through their process. But, as Red Curry, CMO at Tautuk - formerly vFortified, said, "It's how you use the tool, not the tool's fault. The responsibility is on the human. They have to hit 'Enter.'"

Sam Curry, vice president and CISO of Zscaler, said we should view AI as something that can help new businesses and he predicted there will be a "heyday for liberal arts and soft sciences" majors who can acquire some STEM skills and work in the AI field, which needs people with knowledge of logic, ethics, sociology and psychology.

In this episode of's podcast series "Cybersecurity Insights," the Curry brothers also discussed:

  • Writer Cory Doctorow's thoughts about the "AI bubble";
  • Plagiarism vs. how artists and developers take concepts from one another and blend them to create new things;
  • Whether governing AI-derived speech will wind up limiting free speech.

Sam Curry previously served as chief security officer at Cybereason and chief technology and security officer at Arbor Networks. Prior to that, he spent more than seven years at RSA - the security division of EMC - in a variety of senior management positions, including chief strategy officer, chief technologist and senior vice president of product management and product marketing. Curry also has held senior roles at Microstrategy, Computer Associates and McAfee. He is a member of the CyberEdBoard.

Red Curry has over 20 years of experience leading creative and strategic teams for companies such as RSA/EMC, Mettler Toledo, and SSH Communications Security. He has more than a decade of experience safeguarding sensitive data and combating cyberthreats. His work spans various industries, including manufacturing, retail and technology, and he generates ideas that enhance brand recognition and help companies distinguish themselves in today's competitive business environment.

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