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How AI Can Help Speed Up Physician Credentialing Chores

Harman Dhawan, founder of Bikham Healthcare, on Streamlining Frustrating Processes
How AI Can Help Speed Up Physician Credentialing Chores
Harman Dhawan, founder of Bikham Healthcare

Physician credentialing and healthcare billing are two areas that can be dramatically improved by using AI technologies, said Harman Dhawan, CEO and founder of Bikham Healthcare, a revenue cycle management services firm that is applying AI to its services offerings.

When a new physician joins a medical practice, the process of credentialing is time-consuming and arduous, Dhawan said. "Basically, it's a very extensive background check. You check against the qualifications, degrees, licenses and all of that," he said.

"And then you grant certain privileges. If it's an orthopedic surgeon, you grant them the privileges to perform surgeries, access to certain areas. You have to enroll them with payers so that when they see those patients, the hospital or the health system can actually bill the payers and get reimbursed for those claims," he said.

In many cases, credentialing a new physician can take two to four months, delaying the ability for clinicians to treat patients and bill payers for their services.

"But through the use of Bikham Healthcare's upcoming AI-driven software credentialing service, Provider Passport, which is currently in beta and slated to launch in the first quarter of 2024, the company is aiming to reduce the process of credentialing and onboarding physicians to about seven days.

"This is a big pain point. You've hired a new physician, but they're not seeing patients for months. Not only is it a drawback for patients, but it has a huge economic impact on the health systems," he said. "So this can help change all of that."

In this interview with Information Security Media Group (see audio link below photo), Dhawan also discussed:

  • How AI can help improve clinical decision support;
  • Billing and administrative challenges facing healthcare sector entities and how AI can help;
  • Fraud and deepfake threats involving AI.

Dhawan, founder of Bikham, has previously launched and grown other businesses, both organically and through acquisitions. With over 20 years of entrepreneurial experience, he initiated Bikham in 2005 with the initial offering of revenue cycle management and later diversified into physician and payer credentialing, clinical diagnostics with acquisitions in the laboratory space and other services.

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