Anna Delaney

Anna Delaney

Director, ISMG Productions

An experienced broadcast journalist, Delaney conducts interviews with senior cybersecurity leaders around the world. Previously, she was editor-in-chief of the website for The European Information Security Summit, or TEISS. Earlier, she worked at Levant TV and Resonance FM and served as a researcher at the BBC and ITV in their documentary and factual TV departments.

Forrester's 2024 Predictions for Security, Risk and Privacy

Anna Delaney  •  December 26, 2023

Gen AI: Humanlike, With Access to Vast Amounts of Data

Anna Delaney  •  December 25, 2023

ISMG Editors: AI in Focus - Concerns, Priorities for CISOs

Anna Delaney  •  December 22, 2023

AI in Cybersecurity: It's All About Being Aware

Anna Delaney  •  December 18, 2023

Transformative Potential of AI in Shaping Security Culture

Anna Delaney  •  December 15, 2023

ISMG Editors: What Did the Sam Altman-OpenAI Saga Teach Us?

Anna Delaney  •  December 1, 2023

ISMG Editors: Will Federal Budget Cuts Bite US Security?

Anna Delaney  •  November 24, 2023

Proof of Concept: Assessing the US Executive Order on AI

Anna Delaney  •  November 17, 2023

ISMG Editors: Latest Updates on AI Tech, Regulations

Anna Delaney  •  November 10, 2023

ISC2 Cyber Workforce Study Says AI, Cloud Skills Are Needed

Anna Delaney  •  November 6, 2023

Cyber Fail: Can You Trust Hallucinating Chatbots?

Anna Delaney  •  October 26, 2023

Cyber Fail: More Bumbling Cybercrooks, Avoidable Breaches

Anna Delaney , Cal Harrison  •  September 28, 2023

ISMG Editors: London Summit - AI Tech and Incident Response

Anna Delaney  •  September 20, 2023

Evolution of Security: Embracing Edge, AI and Collaboration

Anna Delaney  •  July 14, 2023

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